Welcome to Diamond·Kote

Being a driver means putting your vehicle’s appearance to the test every day. It’s a simple reality that motivates us because while vehicle hazards lurk behind every turn, so does the opportunity for Diamond-Kote to keep your vehicle shiny, brilliant and new.

This passion is engineered into the full line of Diamond-Kote products, from the proven DK9000 Titanium Edition to our advanced NanoCrystal Paint Protection. Our relentless drive to protect your vehicle’s appearance is what forms the lifeblood of Diamond-Kote and our connection to drivers worldwide.


Since our inception in 1968 our commitment to providing the highest quality products and services has been centred around one simple theme: credibility. We design, build, package and distribute our products in our own manufacturing facility and our research and development is continuous.

Our entire line of protection products are designed on proven scientific principals and extensively tested both in independent laboratories and accredited weathering test facilities. Take advantage of our technological advantage and protect your valuable assets with our proven science.


If you have a great story to tell, make sure you share it. Our goal is to be as transparent and beneficial as possible to our retail partners and our consuming public. The process of purchasing a car, truck, RV, boat or even furniture can be a daunting task of an overwhelming amount of information.

Our goal is to make your choice of protection for your investment as easy to understand as possible. We want to share our 45 plus years of experience and customer satisfaction by being as available and transparent as possible with our partners. Our team is here to help you to learn who we are, what we do and how we can help you.